Wild Nature

A hardboiled action thriller about deathsports, identity, family, grief and animal masks in bold, vibrant colours. Imagine The Hunger Games crossed with The Running Man, set in a futuristic Miami. Volumes 1 and 2 available now!

Everybody loved you when you had that bad habit. The habit ruining your life. It’s a habit that makes you feel powerful, so why do you want to leave it all behind?

Swan’s making big changes in his life, quitting the deathsport of masked killers that made him rich, and trying to be anyone other than who he really is. And almost no one wants that to happen. Not his best friend, not his fanbase, and definitely not the sinister voice in the back of his mind.

The one person who wants to see him change is a woman who thinks Swan’s bad habit killed her brother. Together they’re confronting the dark, violent histories that brought them here.

It’s a simple question with dangerous answers: what’s your Wild Nature?

Art and story by David Taylor, edited by Claire Napier, colour flats by Jon Siozon, and logo by Sasha Head

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