A feminist noir series of comics by Scottish cartoonist David Taylor, where a mysterious femme fatale rights the wrongs of the misogynist monsters in HER world.

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16 page black and white digest comic. The first of the feminist femme fatale’s adventures.

Burned out in the aftermath of a hit gone wrong, Paul is give a simple job: to watch a beautiful woman. As the days pass, he moves from simply following her to something much more sinister. Isolated, paranoid and lonely, Paul finds himself torn between duty, desire and HER!


32-page black and white comic sequel to HER!

The dusty landscape of Propserity is best known for two things: fine bourbon and the women who go missing there.
No one wants the real answers about what happened to them. No one, except HER.

In the space of 24 hours, she’ll need to uncover the truth and deal with the inevitable, violent consequences of standing up for the women that powerful men victimise.

Whatever the cost, someone’s going to pay.

The Grave

Hard-boiled neo-noir action thriller graphic novel. 128 pages of black and white badassery by Scottish cartoonist David Taylor.

A ‘56 Buick Coupe, a case full of cash, a Colt 1911 and a dead body.

That’s what he found at a lonely desert motel and he nearly got killed for it. Now he wants revenge. But with every wound he inflicts, painful truths bleed through for everyone in his path.

From the murderous cops he’s hunting to the people who care for him most, they’ll have to decide if they’re victims, survivors or something worse.

After all, what’s one more body in the grave he’s digging?

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