The Grave

A mysterious, troubled man tries to do the right thing but ends up left for dead in the desert.

A year later, he comes back looking for revenge, leaving a string of carnage in his wake, uncovering fractured loyalties and long history of trauma.

And at the end, he’ll need to discover if he’s a victim, a survivor or something much worse.

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Here are some of the finished pages to give you a taste of what I’ll be Kickstarting soon.

I tried to do a version of The Grave about five years ago, but it didn’t really work. It didn’t have a heart and was an empty exercise in style. After I finished Decades, I had a much clearer idea of the concept (the Coens make an ultra-violent 80s thriller with prime Stallone in the lead) and what it was really about (how people deal with violence).

I love the Penguin Classics covers, so I might do something with this.

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