Wild Nature

Hyper-violent, 80s-influenced dystopian graphic novel thriller about identity, trauma and killing people while wearing animal masks.

Wild Nature is the sport sensation of the future. In cities across the US, teams of masked killers put on a brutal, bloody show for the fans. Swan was the best at playing the game. After all, he helped create it. But he wants out.

Haunted by his own history of violence and the black thoughts inside his own head, he’s quit to prove he’s more than a murderer. But his old partners aren’t ready to let him go and Swan’s about to find out that leaving the past behind is pure murder.

Look out for volume one, crowdfunding on Kickstarter in September 2020.

Read the first few parts for free now

Art, story and lettering by David Taylor, edited by Claire Napier, colour flatting by John Siozon.

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